Office of Technology Licensing

Finding solutions to today's greatest challenges

The Office of Technology Licensing facilitates the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries into products and services for societal benefit in a manner consistent with Princeton University’s emphasis on preeminent research, education
and dedication to public service.

We help faculty researchers and their teams navigate the complexities of the technology transfer process, from disclosing an invention to patenting, startup formation, licensing and more.

Our licensing specialists work with members of the investment and entrepreneur community to help identify opportunities, match technologies with business


Programs for researchers include:

  • Executive-in-Residence: Offers entrepreneurial expertise to faculty, students and staff
  • IP Accelerator Fund: Supports research to bring projects to the stage where they are attractive to outside investment
  • Faculty New Ventures Fund: Provides funding to support entrepreneurial faculty

“The University’s support for innovation and entrepreneurship has grown
substantially over the past several years in recognition of our researchers,
who want to bring inventions out of the lab and to the public where they
can provide societal benefit and economic growth.” 

—John Ritter, Director, Office of Technology Licensing

We pride ourselves on personal access. Please contact John Ritter at [email protected] or 609-258-1570 to discuss opportunities. 


Anthony Williams