Data Science in Oncology & Immunology Workshop

Nov 5, 2020, 10:00 am4:30 pm
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Event Description

This free full day of presentations and interactive discussion with leading researchers is hosted by Princeton University Professor of Computer Science Ben Raphael, Princeton University Professor of Physics, Curtis Callen, and Vice President, Hisham Hamadeh, Global Head of Data Sciences, Genmab Inc.. The Workshop focuses on the areas of biomedical data science, computational oncology and computational immunology and will be held over two days, November 5 and 12.

  • Day One offers a full day of brief presentations and interactive discussions with leading academic and industry researchers.
  • Day Two features roundtable discussions on potential collaborations and topics raised during the earlier presentations.

This Workshop and Engage 2020

The workshop is part of Engage 2020, the new Princeton University conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to the Oncology & Immunology Workshop track, we hope you will take the opportunity to attend sessions of interest throughout the three-day virtual conference.

There is no fee to attend this workshop or Engage 2020. Registration is required.

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Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Thursday, November 5


10:00a-11:20a  Drug Design and Target Identification

Introductory remarks: Hisham Hamadeh (Genmab)

Moderator: Mona Singh (Princeton)


  1. Matthew Truppo (J&J): Data Science for Drug Design – Small or Large Molecule
  2. Mona Singh (Princeton): Protein-Protein Interactions 
  3. Brandon Higgs (Genmab): Reverse Translation or Target Identification from Big Data 


11:30a-12:45p  Machine Learning for Revealing Biological Mechanism 

Moderator: Hisham Hamadeh (Genmab)


  1. Olga Troyanskaya (Princeton)
  2. Gio Dall’olio (GSK) : Leveraging Big Data for Genomics 
  3. Ajay Basavanhally & Andrew Fisher (BMS): Deep Learning for Digital Pathology 


1:15-2:30p  Biomarkers and Immunotherapy

Moderator: Curtis Callan (Princeton)


  1. Razvan Cristescu (Merck) -- Predictive Biomarkers (Immune)
  2. Ben Greenbaum (MSKCC)
  3. Curtis Callan (Princeton)


2:40-4:30p  New Frontiers in Biomedical Data Science

Moderator: Ben Raphael (Princeton)


  1. Ben Raphael (Princeton)
  2. Barbara Engelhardt (Princeton)
  3. Bin Lou & Lance Ladic (Siemens-Healthineers)

Concluding remarks: Curtis Callan and Ben Raphael


Day 2: Thursday, November 12 - Roundtables on Topics of Mutual Interest

12:00-1:00p Roundtables

  • Drug Design and Target Identification
  • Machine Learning for Revealing Biological Mechanism
  • Biomarkers and Immunotherapy
  • New Frontiers in Biomedical Data Science

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