Larry Peterson and Vivek Pai: CoBlitz

Dec. 21, 2009

Names: Larry Peterson, the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science; and Vivek Pai, associate professor of computer science

Invention: CoBlitz

What it does: This scalable, large-file transfer service enables the distribution of rich Internet content, such as video, by breaking files into smaller pieces, distributing the pieces throughout the network and caching them near end users. This greatly increases the capacity of existing networks without needing to modify the clients or servers already in place.

Inspiration: CoBlitz developed from a research project by Peterson and Pai seeking to increase network capacity to distribute online content, an increasingly important problem as servers become overwhelmed with demand for rich content. After demonstrating success in a pilot effort to distribute University Channel videos, the team completed a trial project with Polish Telecom where a real-world deployment is now under way.

Collaborators: Associate research scholar Marc Fiuczynski; Patrick Richardson, a 2006 graduate; and Kyoung Soo Park, a 2007 Ph.D. recipient

Commercialization status: CoBlitz, a company established by the researchers in 2007, recently was awarded a Small Business Innovation Grant from the U.S. government and has signed its first customer, Polish Telecom.