Office of Technology Licensing builds bridges from insight to innovation

Nov. 8, 2018

Beyond Princeton’s ivy-covered walls and historic façades lie some of the most cutting-edge labs and research facilities in the world, where faculty, staff and student researchers are making discoveries that can save lives and make the world a better place.

Princeton’s Office of Technology Licensing helps make this possible by bringing inventors together with collaborators in the investment and business communities. The office provides comprehensive services throughout the journey, from insight to innovation.

In recent years, the office has implemented new programs like the Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund, which provides research funds on a competitive basis to make projects attractive for further development by startups and other outside entities. In addition, in 2015 the office launched the Executive-in-Residence program, which offers real-world expertise to campus researchers.

The office has also expanded its capacity to support Princeton researchers who wish to launch startup companies based on Princeton discoveries. For example, the Faculty New Ventures Assistance Fund helps cover startup costs such as market research activities, business planning and fees. Since its inception in 2016, the program has made 21 awards to faculty-affiliated ventures.

“Our purpose is to provide assistance to faculty in whatever way they need, to help them realize their ambition to build a startup company and to bring their technology to market,” said Anthony Williams, new ventures associate in the Office of Technology Licensing. “It is making sure that when they build a business, it is done on solid ground and it has a strong opportunity to transition into a stable company.”

Starting this year, companies can set up in the Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs, a wet and dry lab space near campus. The facility enables companies to embark on product research and development while remaining close to the labs where discoveries are made.

“University support for entrepreneurship and innovation on campus has grown substantially over the years, as has our researchers’ interest in bringing inventions out of the lab and to the public. These resources are helping to expedite the development of new discoveries into products that can benefit society.”
-John Ritter, Director, Technology Licensing

To learn more, contact John at or 609-258-1570.

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