Lectures in Faculty Entrepreneurship (LIFE) series kicks off

Written by
Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research
Oct. 1, 2020

A new lecture series that informs and educates University researchers about the principles of entrepreneurship kicked off last week with its first installment, Legal Issues for Startup Founders. David Sorin, chair of the Venture Capital and Emerging Growth Companies Practice of the law firm of McCarter & English, an office managing partner and member of the firm’s Executive Committee, walked through a number of decisions that startup founders need to make, from choosing the right business structure to identifying the legal issues involved with starting a business.

Sorin, an expert in privately- and publicly-owned startups, emerging growth technologies, and tech-enabled and life science enterprises, discussed a range of topics, including how, when and where to incorporate a company, securing intellectual property, issues related to hiring employees, and compensation factors for founders and employees.

"All startups begin with the founders' or entrepreneurs' recognition of a specific problem that exists in the marketplace, and a solution that they have devised," Sorin said. "The next step is to contemplate whether or not you want to form a company so that you can bring that solution forward, to see how your academic and intellectual pursuit ultimately can end up providing benefit to society."

The online lecture was attended by over 50 members of the Princeton community, including faculty, staff and postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students.

"This new lecture series is one of several new initiatives that we've created to help faculty members and their research teams engage in entrepreneurship in ways that can expand the impact of their discoveries," said Vice Dean for Innovation Rod Priestley, professor of chemical and biological engineering.

The series is a collaboration between the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and the Office of Technology Licensing, in the Office of the Dean for Research

The next Lecture in Faculty Entrepreneurship will be held October 15 at 12 p.m. Nena Golubovic, IP Group, will discuss how to fund your startup. Learn more and register