Inaugural Sugarman Fellows Announced

Written by
Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science & Public Policy
April 19, 2022

Princeton University’s Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science & Public Policy is pleased to announce the inaugural cohort of the Jay Sugarman Practitioner in Residence program. In Spring 2022, Kristine De Jesus and David Henderson will join the community as Sugarman Fellows. Brian Chapman will be affiliated with the Center as a Sugarman Associate Practitioner. Later in the year, the cohort will expand to include Sugarman Fellows Bryant Adibe and Chukwuemeka Vincent Chukwuemeka, as well as Associate Practitioners Vivian Burgnon and Sebastien de Ghellinck of SkillSignal.

Established through a gift by Jay S. Sugarman ’84, the program is intended to support practitioners in a variety of fields to pursue a breakthrough solution to a society-relevant problem, the success of which depends on understanding certain aspects of human behavior, and which could benefit from the support, guidance, and mentorship of members of Princeton's academic community. Each Sugarman Fellow has proposed a project, hypothesizing that the gap between the current state and an improved future could be solved by addressing some aspect of human motivation, judgment, decision, or perception, whether individual or collective.

Read more about the Sugarman Fellows at the Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science and Public Policy website.