Entrepreneurship and Venture Assistance

To create products and services that have real impact, for some inventions, the best path to take may be to form a startup company.

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Council supports Princeton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem of faculty, students, alumni, staff and external partners through a range of programs, skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and collaborations.

Princeton's Office of Technology Licensing can assist inventors with all aspects of startup formation, including funding, recruitment, market discovery, IP strategy and company administration. We can also advise inventors on University policies concerning conflict of interest, equity distribution and participation in the company while on the faculty.

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We Can Help

Anne-Marie Maman
Executive Director, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

We can help you find the resources you need to help you in your startup or entrepreneurial project, no matter where in the process you find yourself.

Tony Williams
New Ventures Associate
Office of Technology Licensing

We assist inventors with all aspects of start-up formation, including funding, recruitment, market discovery, IP strategy and company administration. 

Beth Rowley
Director of Operations
Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

We offer lab and office space for companies formed by Princeton’s faculty, students and alumni, as well as to companies from the greater region.

Princeton Innovation Partners

Meet the offices at Princeton that offer entrepreneurship and venture assistance.

Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Discover ways to engage with and strengthen Princeton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through educational programming, mentoring and funding.

Office of Technology Licensing

Explore ways to connect investors and entrepreneurs with Princeton's cutting-edge technologies and researchers.

Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs

Discover the premier incubator for technology and life science startups in New Jersey.