Emily Stern

CEO and Co-Founder, Ceretype Neuromedicine

In addition to being the CEO and co-founder of Ceretype, Emily is a radiologist, neuroscience researcher and expert in psychiatric neuroimaging. Her passion for improving the lives of patients with neuropsychiatric disorders using biologically-based tools has led to the translation of her innovative and novel academic work into clinically useful solutions via Ceretype. Prior to becoming a full-time CEO, she directed top neuroimaging research laboratories at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH)/Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Weill Cornell Medical College, initiating and overseeing multiple, interdisciplinary scientific projects. Emily was also the Director of Functional and Molecular Neuroimaging at BWH/HMS, having built BWH’s programmatic and physical infrastructure for fMRI and was a Co-Chair of the Brigham Research Institute’s Neuroscience Research Center.