Strategic Partnerships and Engagement

Opening the gates to innovation

Princeton’s intellectual culture is collaborative: On an intimate campus filled
with the curious minds of a distinguished faculty, interdisciplinary explorations
naturally thrive, leading to breakthroughs unbounded by academic fields.

The power of collaboration extends to our work with external partners. Over the
past several years, Princeton’s relationships with industry and foundations have
dramatically expanded and deepened: bringing new perspectives, resources
and insights to Princeton research; offering new opportunities to our graduate
students and postdocs; and spurring the translation of science and knowledge
into innovation that benefits humanity.

The mission of the Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations team is
a reflection of Princeton’s innovative and entrepreneurial culture. We work with
Princeton faculty from all academic areas to build strategic relationships with
industry and nonprofit organizations, and to enhance the University’s connections
and contributions to the state, regional and global innovation ecosystem.
Whether you are a Princeton faculty member or a potential partner, we are eager
to discuss the many opportunities to work together.

Contact Coleen Burrus at [email protected] or 609-258-5954. 

"As we look to the future, our team is committed to
developing creative approaches to build support
for research collaborations and innovation
across the University."

Coleen Burrus
Director, Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations